How a Text Message Queuing System Can Benefit College Students

There are many demands faced by college students that weigh on their time. Particularly during pre-semester and early in the semester, the scramble to register for classes, drop/add, consult with academic advisors and secure financial aid is at its peak. Students can find themselves feeling mired down under those circumstances, especially as Freshmen or transfer students that are new to the campus (or campus life in general).

The Problems it Solves
In the past, there were few workable solutions for these problems. There was a great deal of waiting in lines, sometimes for hours at a time, and most of that time was lost for productivity or socialization. Even those few determined students who bring their work with them while they wait to speak to their advisors no doubt have too many distractions to get any meaningful degree of study in under noisy and stressful conditions like that.

Today, there are better options. One of those options is a cell phone-based queue system being implemented by colleges and universities nationwide that allows students’ time to be productively divided between waiting in lines and retaining making productive social and academic use of the same block of time.

Why It Works
The reasons why a queue management system like this is so beneficial are not difficult to guess. It is estimated that well over 99 percent of students entering college this year have cell phones.  This makes a cell phone based queuing system an inexpensive – yet very effective – way for colleges to serve practically the entire student body and alleviate some of the burden on the faculty and staff that serve it. Queue Management system such as Queue Mobile are cloud based,  easy to use, improve customer flow and student’s can gauge in hours and minutes how long they have to get to those appointments.

The benefits to the institution are also clear. Even large campuses can take advantage of an cloud based SMS queuing system with little to no overhead added to the school’s own network resources. This leaves the IT department to deal with more pressing campus network issues. From the standpoint of time management, financial aid counselors, academic advisors, and any other faculty or staff that serves students outside the classroom also benefit from the efficiency provided by a phone-based queue management system. With no more long lines outside office doors and the ability to pull files and paperwork ahead of time, more students can be served in a shorter expanse of time.

For many, college is the first time people find themselves in need of independent time management skills. A note scrawled on a piece of paper can get lost, discarded or forgotten. This is not a problem when your phone provides you with onscreen alerts, sounds and other attention-getting means of helping manage appointments.

Text-based queuing systems of all description serve the uniform purpose of helping both college students and staff take care of business while leaving time between, and leading up to, appointments under their control.  Visit to learn more.

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