Queue Management System are Effective for Customer Flow with Financial Aid Counselors

Imagine what it must be like for the typical college student, especially a Freshman who has yet to learn the ropes when it comes to campus life. For many, it is the first time they will be faced with so many new responsibilities and the need to deal with them independently.

One of the many advantages of the Information Age is ubiquitous cell phone which now can be put to good use to create a virtual queue management system in order to increase student flow for Financial Aid Services at colleges and universities. With everything going “virtual” these days, it only makes sense that this would apply to the college experience. Those of us who were in college before the advent of WWW-everything also remember having to wait in long lines for everything from registration to student advisor conferences and, yes, the dreaded Financial Aid office.

Financial Aid counselors have a stressful job. They sincerely want to help every student receive the highest awards possible to offset their education costs, but this can be, and often is, a daunting task. What makes it even more daunting is seeing that endless line of underclassmen all waiting with varying degrees of patience just outside that door. In the past, this was the most efficient queuing system there was. First come, first served was the name of the game.

Today, the game itself has changed considerably. In this world of cell phones and technology that keeps everyone connected 24/7, it stands to reason that when it comes to that long line outside the financial aid office, there is now a solution! Now, through the use of a text message queuing system, the line has also gone virtual. For the average financial aid counselor, this translates into a more streamlined process, better preparedness to meet with individual students and a less hectic juggling of responsibilities thanks to the built-in structure and organization of the system.

For students, the benefits of a smartphone-based queue management system are also many. How much time did we once waste waiting endlessly in line to secure financial aid, sign forms, make applications for scholarships or petition for the release of funds from various sources? Today, while still waiting in a virtual line at the financial aid office, today’s college student also has the freedom to go to the library or find a quiet place to study or even take time out to spend with friends.

With text message queuing system in place, students know down to the minute how much time there is before their appointment begins and can manage their time efficiently enough to get to it one time. Even people with less-than-impressive time management skills are sure to find this kind of system easy to follow. This streamlines the application process and allows counselors to see more people in a shorter expanse of time.

Having a queue system like this in place is the closest a college student can get to being in two places at once, making his or her time management more efficient as well.

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