Event Q™, A Seasonal Event Queuing System

Queue management systems are now essential for holiday photography services such as Santa sets and other special events. Event Q™ is virtual waiting line management system designed for the seasonal event industry and special events. Event Q™ uses SMS messaging to create virtual waiting lines without the expensive take a ticket queuing system.

Event Q™ is ideal for holiday photography services during Christmas and Easter. Event Q uses an iPad kiosk to enter customers into the queue along with an iPhone App to process customers. This particular queuing system is designed for malls and centers where WIFI or the mobile internet might not be totally reliable. The iOS apps continue to process customers, saving the data locally even if you loss connectivity, thus keeping the customer flow moving. Once connectivity is reestablished customer data is sync through web services enabling staff to continue to service customers.

Event Q™ was designed with Scene to Believe, the leading holiday photography service in Australia, serving over 38,000 customers across 20 malls in an 8 week period. Queue systems are essential to enhance the customer experience.

Queue Mobile offers a suite of industry specific virtual queuing systems that can help your business increase customer flow and your bottom line.

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