Holiday Photography Services Adopt SMS Queuing System

Queuing systems are becoming an essential function in the holiday photography service industry. As customers and clients adopt digital technology the expectation is the holiday photography industry will follow suite. Virtual queue management systems enable customers to enter a queue using there name and cell phone number and continue to shop while they wait for a text messaging notifying them it’s their turn to see Santa. SMS queuing systems not only increase customer flow they increase customer satisfaction by reducing the size and wait times associated with holiday events.

The business case for malls, centers and event promoters is the increased customer satisfaction but more importantly, customers can continue shopping while they wait in a virtual line, thus driving sales for the center’s tenets. “There in nothing worse than a retailer gazing out their window to see throngs of potentials customers herded like cattle waiting hours to see Santa when they could be spending money in their store.” Says Brandon Munson, President of Queue Mobile’s Event Q™, A specially designed, high volume queue management system designed for the seasonal event industry. Virtual queue management systems increase customer satisfaction and increase revenue for the holiday photography services company through a more efficient customer flow those increasing the number of pictures taken, this is particularly important during peak periods.

Queue Mobile offers a suite of industry specific virtual queuing systems that can help your business increase customer flow and your bottom line.

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