Student Waiting Line Solutions for Colleges

SMS Queue Management Systems for students are paramount to excellence is student services, according to the website Social Mobile Trends.  The iPad student wait line app the solution. Systems like Student Q or Queue Mobile are cloud based SMS queue management systems for students design to create a virtual waiting line for One Stop.  Student Q for example has an iOS iPad app that can run in a self serve kiosk mode or in a Queue Manager mode. The advantages of using a student queuing system like Student Q or Queue Mobile, is that they use iOS, a native queuing App which is much more responsiveness over a web based application, it’ also works in off line mode in the event internet connection is lose. The queue management App will continue to add students to the queue and when connectivity is established, the  students will be sync to the system via web services. This is particularly important for peak periods, such as student enrollment.

Key benefits of a student queuing Apps such as Student Q and Queue Mobile are the following:

  • Real time two SMS messaging
  • Interactive commands for students and customers to manage and monitor their place in the queues
  • Automatic reminder messages to communicate to students to return to the office when they become 4th in line.
  • The flexibility for students to either leave the queue by a simple reply text of “L” or to request more time by a simple reply text of “T”
  • A native iOS iPad and iPhone queuing app
  • The ability to turn on a reservation mode, and take same day appointments or to schedule appointments in advance.
  • Hi quality reporting to track average wait time, the number of students seen by a queue, the number of students who have left a queue and the number of students who have transferred from one queue to another.
  • A single login in order to let multiple departments share the system and move students seamlessly through the queues.
  • Digital display to show the next 5 students in the queue (for students without a cell phone).

Student Q for example is design to work a single queue during the year for Financial Aid and during peak times to work within a group of departments to stream line registration and enrollment by sharing the students across the queues.

The advantage of cloud based queue management software system requires no specialize  infrastructure upgrades, its browser based and you need an broadband internet connection.  You can run it from a browser on a PC, tablet , phone or use an App such as Queue Mobile’s iPad app.  Set up and testing takes about 7 days and the majority of that time is for the school to adjust it’s work flow to maximize the technology. To learn more visit

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