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Emergancy Room Patient Queue Management System Increase Patient Satisfaction and Market Share.

Long waits and long queues are one of the major problems in hospital Emergency department.  Emergency rooms that use queue management systems such as Patient Queue maximum patient flow while minimizing the frustration of the physical wait.

ER Dashboard-01
Overcrowding is when too many patients seek services that are not considering emergent.  Emergency Rooms have to triage patients by their conditions, thus leading to long wait times for those who aren’t in urgent need. Usually, the patients are in long queues in the emergency room waiting room, waiting to see a provider. There are some diagnostics centers, clinics, and laboratories where the patients have to wait for their turn in order to get the desired services. In this article, we are going to share the solution and benefit of queue management system with respect to hospitals. We would also let you know that how the queue management system can solve the problems faced b the patients easily.

Some of the benefits that could be achieved through implementing the queue management system in hospitals are as follows:

  • Management of the patients efficiently and effectively.
  • Increase market share
  • It will reduce the waiting time for patients
  • It enables to reduce crowd in the service areas
  • It will have multilingual interface
  • It can show the waiting time needed for each patient
  • Real-time reporting also helps the hospital management to manage hospital services efficiently
  • Makes the operations more systematic
  • Delivers continuous data, for example, critical declarations and alarms

With the help of latest technologies and software, patient queue management can also be done in the way that it gives more importance or priority to the critical patients that need the health care urgently as compared to the normal patients that have come to the hospital for regular checkups or for normal diseases.

In hospitals, there could be multiple queue management systems can be applied. SMS based queue management, virtual queue management, and the hybrid model can also be implemented.

As per us, queues are just the waste of time; according to us when we can do things in a more systematic manner but still if we don’t do it then its just because of incompetency.

People should also raise voices in order to let the government make sure to get queue management system implemented in all public and private hospitals. This will not only save the time of the patients but it can also save many lives.

SMS based queue management system is we think the best option for hospitals. Instead of standing in long queues, the administration or the system itself may send a reminder message to the doctor and the patient that the time of your appointment is there. It could also be made more intelligent by allowing the interaction between the doctor and the patient. This could be done in the case of any delay or cancellation of the appointment.

It is concluded that queue management systems in the hospital can be proved very beneficial for the patients as well as of the hospital administration. The whole system of meeting the doctor and then for any laboratory test or diagnosis of diseases can be computerized in order to run the operations smoothly.

Patient Q is a state of the art virtual waiting room systems that hospital and urgent care centers can deploy on their websites for patients to self schedule based on the best available appointment time.

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Express Q Virtual Queuing Mobile platform

Premium Event & Attraction Mobile App

A day in the park with A.I.
Express Q™ is a much more than an amusement park and event premium priorty pass. Express Q™ is designed to be a revenue enhancement and customer flow optimization system for Amusement Parks and events with multiple attractions. Express Q™ is the first mobile app of its kind to use A.I. (artifical intellegence) as a customer flow solution.

Express Q’s offers premium revenue enhancement and VIP guest engagement solution that is fun and efficient. It’s simple and user friendly ceribrial portal is intiative and user friendly.   Concierge services is the pinnacle of customer service; however, it is human capital intensive, thus expensive, best reserved for your top tier VIPs.  However, your second-tier VIPs, (who there are far more  in numbers than top tier VIPs) as a stragetic market segment.   Second tier VIPs are those who can afford the upgrade to Express Q, who will likely out spend your average guests if properly motivated.

A.I. Virtual VIP Concierge
Express Q A.I. VIP Concierge module uses the latest in (AI) artificial intelligence to learn the preference of your guests during the app set up. The guest who can afford to upgrade to Express Q are your premium VIPs, who will likely out spend your average guests if strategically encouraged to do so.  A.I. VIP Concierge’s combined with geo-fencing will effectively cross promote relevant premium services and merchandise throughout the park as well as when they are home. A.I. VIP Concierge is the first artificial intelligence driven mobile app for the industry creating a unique VIP experience for your premium guests, features include:
Learning guest’s personal preferences to cross promote attractions, events and merchandise of interest.
A.I. will apply geo-fencing to promote relevant premium services and merchandise as the family explores parks.
A.I. will suggest alternative attraction and events during peak time to optimize customer flow.
A.I. will sense when guests are waiting to long and activate the “Fun While You Wait” interactive guest engagement module.
A.I. will know when guests are no longer at the park (home) and periodically activate Express Q
“Picture This” photo gallery while pushing custom offers to the guest to return to the park.

Express Q’s Features

Continuously update the attraction and event’s estimated wait times.
Virtual queuing – enabling guests to join a physical line from the App and get notifications.
Push notifications confirming, updating and alerting guests of their queue position.
A GPS interactive map of the theme park providing the quickest directions to a favorite attractions or bathrooms.
App available for use on any smartphone (platform compatibility IOS and Android) or tablet device.
Self-service: the customer can take the virtual ticket or book an appointment themselves.
Book ahead for a specific time, place and service.

  • A Suite of Premium Priority Access solutions including:
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Same Day Reservation
  • Virtual Queuing FIFO
  • Premium Priority Access

Guest customer flow optimization and load balancing through A.I.
Express Q’s Customer Flow Optimization and attraction cycle configuration.
Barcode options for check-in
Proximity marketing using iConnect API to Google maps and GPS (if available on the mobile device)
Access to Express Q’s analytics for each branch/store or service and now guests

Fun While You Wait
A Module can be activated two ways. The A.I. will turn the module on if it senses guest at rest or inline for 15 minutes. The only amusement park app of its kind guests can click Fun While You Wait icon to access a host of engaging and distracting services and activities:
Social media
You Tube

Chat apps
Snap Chat
Quiz and Smart Games
Picture This a photo editing and home delivery app.

iOS iPhone, Android and mobile web/SMS
White label branding with your own logo and brand color
Eco-friendly Virtual Customer Flow Mobile Suite
The following information is provided for each location/attraction:
Number of people waiting in queue
Average waiting time
Estimated waiting time
Number of open counters or slots
Last number called and printed
Assistance timeslots Available/Unavailable (only for Appointments)
24/7 support availability
Ability to priorities customers according to their punctuality – if a customer arrives at the exact time that they have pre-booked, they will automatically be given priority over another customer who arrives at the same time

Customers that plan their visits can get other benefits such as viewing a list of required documentation for their visit or service

Improves quality of service and waiting time for customers

Delivering the cutting edge guest services by promoting an engaging and compelling experience.

Customers receive more choice and flexibility in how they queue and reassurance that their place is secured in the queue or appointment is booked, allowing the customer to perform other tasks whilst waiting



lease pick a time convenient
Urgent Care Open 7 Days a Week 

Monday-Friday 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Saturday-Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

No appointments necessary!

Please call 360-346-2222 with any questions.

Walk-in service for those suffering from:

  • fevers
  • cold and flu symptoms
  • stomach aches, pains and cramping
  • ear aches
  • twists, sprains and possible breaks
  • rashes
  • cuts and burns
  • infections
  • and much more!
Urgent Care services should not take the place of routine visits with your primary care provider. Those with life and/or limb threatening situations should still call 911 and/or get to your nearest Emergency Department as soon as possible. Summit Pacific’s ER is open 24/7.

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SMS Patient Pagers

SMS Patient Pagers – Increasing Patient Flow

 In today’s world, hospitals, along with or medical and healthcare facilities, understand the need to optimize patient flow. Efficient patient management is a vital part of providing effective care. Our Patient Q queue management system takes full advantage of existing technology and uses it to optimize the patient experience and maximize patient flow.

Text Message Queueing System Operation

 Patient Q works with any any any cell phone that is SMS enabled (which is roughly 98%) to create a seamless text message queuing system. It is easy to implement by hospitals and medical facilities and easy to use for any patient with any type of cell phone. Our cell phone pager system creates a virtual communication environment that provides effective, real-time virtual queueing capability and provides invaluable benefits to your organization through increase patient flow and patient satisfaction.

Text Message Queueing System Applications

Our Patient Q SMS paging system can be used in all facets of patient care from hospital admissions to emergency room triage, laboratories, radiology and pharmacy departments. It allows for timely communication with patients as well as staff both onsite and in inter-office environments. It solves the problem of waiting room congestion and allows for multi-scheduling and multitasking by liberating otherwise idle time. This allows doctors to stay better on schedule and respects the valuable time of their patients.

By utilizing our cell phone paging solution Patient Q, medical facilities are able to create a quieter environment by reducing or eliminating public address systems. It also allows medical staff to be more discreet and better protect patient confidentiality. It is a simple and effective way to improve patient experience.

Benefits to Patients

  • Increased Patient Satisfaction Reduces waiting room time and congestion and allows patients to move about the facility without fear of missing their turn or delaying their care. Patients can leave the waiting room, go to the cafeteria or gift shop or use the time in an otherwise productive way and still be easily and immediately contacted by facility staff.
  • Improved Communication Allows medical staff to send patient-specific information without compromising confidentiality policies. Doctors can send updates to family members regarding procedures, page family members to a specific department or inform patients that prescriptions are ready for pickup, even if the recipient is offsite.
  • Increased Waiting Room Efficiency Increases communication with patients and family and keeps waiting family members informed without frequent trips to the nurse’s station or information desk.
  • Total Confidentiality Silently relays sensitive information that cannot be overheard by passersby.

Benefits to Healthcare Facilities

  • Remote and Advance Scheduling Shortens the wait time for patients and streamlines the check-in process by allowing for facilities to communicate and schedule with patients in advance. Time can be organized around completing pre-appointment paperwork and pre-admission interviews and scheduled in tandem with all aspects of in-patient and out-patient care.
  • Ease of Use The intuitive Patient Q interface is simple to deploy, manage and use.
  • Quickly Notify of Delays Eliminate the frustration for patients waiting beyond their appointment times and the loss of production time spent dealing with patient inquiries regarding delays.
  • Sync with Multiple-Facilities Allows for efficient and accurate scheduling between facilities like triage, lab and pharmacy.

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