QueueMobile iOS App for iPhones and iPads.
Standard Mode:
using the iPad App in standard mode (process walk-ups) can be more efficient for your team verse using a laptop to input customers or patients in the queue. Using two iPad or an iPad and a laptop during peak times works great as long as one users is entering customers into the queue and the other user is summonings the customers.  When it’s slow, the App can be put into self-serve kiosk mode and customers can enter themselves into the queue.
Reservation Mode: Enables to iPad App to offer specific appointment times based on the Apps settings.  The first step is setting up the open and closing time of the queues, Step 2 . is setting the increment for appointments, which could be as small as 5 minutes and as long as 45 minutes. Customers, patients or clients who arrive first choose a time that’s most convenient for them. Once that appointment time is taken it’s no longer available, unless you choose a setting to offer multiple appointments at the same time, in other words over booking.  When a customer enters their name and number and chooses an appointment time they will get a text message confirming the appointment time.  You can choose when the customer will get a reminder message, either 10 minutes, 15 minutes or 20 minutes.  Customers can reply “C” if they can not make the appointment. This is important in order to backfill will appointments with walk ups.

QueueMobile™ is virtual waiting line solution for students, customers and patients. Queue Mobile’s queue management systems uses interactive text messaging to create a virtual waiting line. Fast Pass is a same day appointment kiosk application enabling customers or students to pick appointment times instead of waiting in a virtual line.